The Center for Transportation Operations, Planning and Safety (CTOPS) conducts research and technology transfer in areas of digital systems, data analysis, simulations, and safety analysis to provide enriched transportation services.

CTOPS provides a diverse balance of interdisciplinary research including applied and theoretical research into the planning, design, and analysis of digital transportation systems. Specific emphasis on the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicles within the surface transportation systems and the integration of novel data sources. The CTOPS affiliated faculty span multiple departments with a strong research record of funding and collaborations. CTOPS’s portfolio of projects and affiliated faculty supports the Alabama Transportation Institute (ATI) mission and enhances ATI’s ability to conduct research to serve the Alabama Department of Transportation and appropriate offices and initiatives from the US Department of Transportation.

The Center for Transportation Operations, Planning and Safety is the evolution from the successful University Transportation Center for Alabama (UTCA).

UTCA, under the leadership of Dr. Dan Turner and Dr. Jay Lindly, provided the visionary leadership and foundation for the growth in transportation research at the University of Alabama.

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